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Backup and Online Storage

Keeping those important files, pictures, songs and videos on an external hard drive is a great way to ensure that everything is backed up. But sometimes that simply is not enough. Hard drives can fail and hackers can gain access to your important information when your hard drive is connected to your computer. But with the backup and online storage provided by, your Minneapolis computer services specialists, you can have your information and files encrypted to provide more protection against those who would try to steal your identity or steal your files and use them for sinister purposes.

For just a few dollars a month, can backup your personal files with encrypted online storage. For a few dollars more, we can provide the same service for your business. We can digitally encrypt your critical business files so the only people who have access to them are the people you authorize. Whether you need to back up sensitive financial information, company secrets or any other important files, our specialists can do that for you. If you have personal or business files that would be safer being encrypted and stored on a safe and secure digital storage server, contact the Minneapolis computer service technicians at

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