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At, we do everything we can to work within your budget for your computer services. To get a more accurate estimate, call our courteous staff and explain your computer service needs. To give you an idea of our rates and prices, here are some of our basic services and what we charge for them:

On-Site Services - $170 for the first hour and $99 each additional hour. We will come to your home or business to diagnose problems or set up a wireless network or computer system. If we come to solve a problem, most computer problems can be solved within an hour. However, for more involved issues like setups, installations and others, it could take several hours. Our computer technicians can offer an estimate before we begin working so you can have a better idea of the cost before making your final decision.

Complete Computer Repair Services - For less than $200, offers a complete computer repair package which includes diagnosing and repairing any software problems, backup your important files and programs, scan for viruses and spyware, installing virus and spyware protection and much more. Contact for our complete list of services included with this package.

A La Carte Pricing - If you just have a simple problem with your computer or laptop, you can bring it to us for a free estimate. For repairs like fixing the power supply, removing viruses, installing software and other services, we offer affordable rates and fast turnaround times so you can get back to what you need to do as soon as possible.

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