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At, we offer a full line of services to help you with your computer repair, maintenance and upgrade needs. Here are just a few of the Minneapolis computer services that we can offer to you:

Backup and Online Storage - Do you need extra storage space that is secure, encrypted and easy for you to access? Save space on your computer's hard drive by using our affordable backup and online storage features.
Computer Training - Do you know how to use everything that your computer has to offer? Our computer specialists can help you learn how to use the many programs and features to help you use your computer to its maximum potential.
Computer Tune-Ups - Is your computer running slow and sluggish? It could need a good cleaning and a tune-up. Our computer technicians at can evaluate what it needs and give it a tune-up to make it run more efficiently.
Data Recovery - Did you accidentally hit the "delete" button and erase some important files? It isn't necessarily lost forever. Contact to find out if we can recover those important files that you thought you deleted.
Email Setup - Whether you are having problems setting up a personal email account or you need to set up email for your company and all your employees, can help. Contact us with all your email setup needs.
Hardware Installation - Have you tried to set up new hardware on your computer but it's just not working right? Bring your computer and new hardware to and we will make sure it gets installed correctly and it works right before giving it back to you.
Hardware Repair - Are you having problems with some of the current hardware you have installed in your computer? Our technicians at can repair it or let you know if it needs to be replaced and we can do either one of those for you.
In-Home PC Hookup - Did you just buy a new personal computer and you don't know how to hook it up? Contact and we will schedule an appointment to come to your home or office to set up your PC and all the necessary components.
Mobile Broadband - Do you need the internet in places other than your home or office? We can provide the hardware and the knowledge to hook up to the web wherever you go.
Printer Setup - Do you need a network of printers hooked up at your business? Or do you just need a single printer hooked up at your home? At, we can do either one of those with affordable rates.
Printer Troubleshooting - Printer problems are common. That's why we offer printer troubleshooting services to help you get your printer back in working order.
Security and Performance - The security of your computer is extremely important with the number of hackers and identity thieves trying to get your information. Your computer's performance is also important for your productivity and efficiency. We can update your settings and your computer to minimize your vulnerability to hackers and make sure it is running up to its optimal efficiency.
Social Media Training - If you aren't sure how to use the various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, our computer specialists at can teach you how to use them to keep in touch with others. Our tutorials and lessons can help even the most inexperienced user get comfortable with social media.
Software Installation and Setup - Installing software correctly can sometimes be a difficult task. At, we can install software on your personal computer or on your business computers for your company. We can also show you and your employees how to use the new software for maximum productivity.
Technology Consultation - Technology is always changing, especially with computers. Our trained technicians at can give you a consultation to help you stay up to date with the latest changes in technology for your business or personal use.
Virus and Spyware Removal - Viruses and spyware programs can wreak havoc on a computer's hard drive. If you already have a virus on your computer, our computer specialists can remove the virus and any spyware you have. We can also install the latest antivirus and anti-spyware programs on your computer to help prevent the problem from happening again.
Wireless Networking - Do you need a wireless network set up at your home or business? The computer technicians at can do that for you. Simply contact us to schedule an appointment so we can set up a wireless network for you.

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